SQL Server Database Programming Services

PCA provides SQL Database analysis, design, development, and migration services for SQL Server 2000 and SQL Server 2005. PCA Database Programmers build custom, MS SQL Server-based business applications on the Smart Client platform -- an approach that combines the best features of Windows Desktop and Internet Application environments.

Most companies use "Desktop" Client Server applications that run locally at a particular location or department within the company. Often, these LAN databases retrieve Client Server data from a SQL database server at one location. If a users want to access their corporate data information outside their location (an employee on the road, or from home, or at a satellite office, for example), they are generally out of luck. Client Server applications are referred to as "Desktop" applications by Database Programmers because they run on the users desktop.

Companies also have WEB "browser based" Internet data applications. Web database applications distribute the Internet data to anywhere a user has a browser and authority to log in. Browser applications provide real-time data access to the remote databases ("Distributed Databases" or "Web Databases"), and can thus be classified as a Real-Time Distributed Application. Web database applications tend to be expensive to build, slow to run, and they typically have cludgy user interfaces highly constrained by the limitations of the browser. Web database applications are typically written by web page designers, not by Database Programmers.

PCA's Database Programmers decided to try to combine the best of both worlds in an All-in-One Client Server and Web database solution using PCA Smart Client software technology to bring desktop performance and usability to distributed web based data applications. What if we could deliver a low cost, highly efficient, desktop level application using the Internet as your LAN, that accesses Internet data at a central server in Real Time Software? That is the essence of a great distributed database / web database application, and it is precisely what PCA has developed for on demand business--using standard Microsoft tools, well understood by the IT industry.

Internet based Timesheet as a Real-time Distributed Database Application

At PCA, our database programmers have developed a Smart Client Software platform which allows the rapid deployment of high quality client server desktop database applications across the web, in a distributed database fashion.

Our Smart Client Software methodology works so well, that we estimate that cost of our database programmers developing a traditional web database application cost over 3 times as much as using PCA's Internet database platform.

If you would like to see how PCA's database programmers might help you build a real time software for on demand business for your web based data with a distributed database, please Contact Usor Request More Information.