Collaboration & Corruption

Excel is highly versatile due to its flexibility in various applications.

You can do anything essentially with Excel. Alternatively, it may also result in user errors, particularly when multiple versions of the same document are emailed. The result would be the utterly inaccurate storage of data. It is easy for clerical mistakes to slip by, leaving millions at risk.

  • Accidental changes happening all over the place (change)
  • Struggling to replicate an old analysis (change)
  • Complex data slowing you down (change)
  • Sharing giant spreadsheets is cumbersome and confusing (change)
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Looking for better DATA INTEGRITY?

Collaboration & Corruption

The biggest strength of Excel is it’s flexibility. You can pretty much do whatever you want on it. However, that also allows user errors to accumulate, especially if users are emailing different versions around. This can lead to massive inaccuracies in stored data.

For some of our clients, the difference has amounted to millions of dollars.

How can PCA help?

For most clients, PCA recommends moving data to a dedicated, robust database. Teammates each have access to the same data, which is stored in a structure that stipulates accuracy.

PCA can do this by X, Y and Z.
Ex: PCA can not only help you find the right platform, but set it up, instruct users how to navigate, etc.


Want to increase data processing speed and efficiency?

Slow with Large Data Sets

If you work with Excel, you know the pain of a Spreadsheet that grinds to a halt every time you click or scroll through the file. It’s possible you’ve even reached the point where the file will crash entirely. Slowdowns and crashes are usually caused by sophisticated formulas.

Even though Excel can technically handle a million rows of data, if you make the most of Excel’s data tools, the limit is much smaller.

How can PCA help?

PCA can convert your formulas in excel into lightning fast code stored in a robust custom database that will produce the same or better data visualization in a fraction of the time it would take for your team to view all your spreadsheets being passed around over email.

Many PCA clients see more than a 20x speed increase when moving off Excel spreadsheets.