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Project Takeovers

PCApps specializes in picking up complex SQL Server database & .NET development projects — and quickly figuring out what needs to be done to get the project back on track.

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Project Takeovers, .NET Application Development Outsourcing

PCApps specializes in picking up complex SQL Server database & .NET development projects — and quickly figuring out what needs to be done to get the project back on track. You are probably a good candidate for our project takeover process, if you are experiencing any of the following issues:

  • Getting consistently poor results outsourcing a development project?
  • Paying good money to a consultant, who is just not getting the job done?
  • Your developer decided to leave with no notice, and you are left holding the bag?
  • Losing confidence in your developer, or have already asked them to leave?
  • Running out of time to deliver a critical business application?
  • Need a development partner with a proven track record you can trust?
  • Exhausted all of your options, and you are ready to call in the experts?

Private: Cisco

Cisco approached PCApps to evaluate their situation and recommend a solution to solve their immediate problems and accommodate future needs. Following a two-week assessment, PCApps recommended a 3-phased approach that was aligned with Cisco’s priorities: I) stabilize the system right away; II) replace MS Access with something more reliable; and III) maintain and enhance the new system as needed.

Are You Working With A Programmer Who Is Over Their Head?

If you think it is expensive to hire expert engineers, wait until you find out how expensive it is when working with inexperienced programmers! Many application programmers know how to “code,” but they lack the business acumen and experience to ask the right questions, challenge your assumptions, help prioritize your needs, or ensure that your needs and ideas are compatible with your budget and schedule constraints.

Many freelance software consultants do not bring the discipline, rigor, or real-world project management experience necessary to meet critical project objectives. And because most application developers tend to recommend only the technologies they know, it becomes a hit-or-miss game whether you are using the right programming language, or whether the coding methods are up to professional engineering standards.

We understand the risks and complexities inherent to I/T outsourcing application development projects or outsourcing SQL Server projects. We are frequently called on to take over an internal or outsourced application development or outsourced SQL development project that is stuck, failing, or just way over budget and schedule. Our team knows how to rescue a custom application development project, and get it back on track.

Many programmers are under-experienced, and problems only become apparent many months and many dollars into an important project — when critical features continue to fail, and budget and schedule estimates are no longer believable.

Outsource Software Development

We specialize in SQL Server, .NET, and custom report development project takeovers and application development outsourcing. PCApps will figure out how to succeed – regardless of the current quality or completeness of the project, or whether the original developer is available to assist. PCApps experts will take your application to the completeness, enhance capabilities, fix/salvage components, improve performance and ease of use, or extend the utility and reliability of your .NET application.

Our SQL experts can quickly understand the existing database structures, business logic, and workflow, and extract the most business value from an existing project investment. PCApps provides trusted, knowledgeable SQL Consultants who can quickly come up to speed on your custom business and application needs, and carry the project forward cost-effectively.

PCApps Project Takeover & Renovation Process

At the outset of a project takeover, we have the same critical questions you do: what parts of your code are salvageable? What is missing to get the project complete? And, what will it cost and how long will it take? The first step in our standard project takeover process is to perform a formal engineering audit of your existing code base, so we can get reliable answers to these key questions. Depending upon the scope and complexity of your system, it can take several days or several weeks to develop a good assessment of the situation, and make recommendations on how to best proceed.