Maintenance And Support Services

We recognize that your day-to-day business relies on your custom database system, so Maintenance and Support Services are provided to all clients to ensure that your custom database solution continues to meet your day-to-day business needs with the fewest potential disruptions. We strive to ensure that your custom database solution remains current with ongoing technology updates for the shelf-life of your investment.

Annual application maintenance services are required for the entire production life your system, and are calculated at 5% of the total project cost. Maintenance services are necessary to keep your system components up-to-date, compatible and serviceable with ongoing commercial releases, patches, bug fixes and minor updates to Microsoft SQL Server Database, the Microsoft .NET framework, any 3rd-party components and controls used in the system, and the PCApps Smart Client libraries. We are not able to service or support custom systems that are not on an active Maintenance Agreement.

Standard PCApps Maintenance Services include nightly source-code builds, regression testing and associated component updates and remedial engineering necessary to keep your application running properly. To preempt potential issues with your system, PCApps may release “maintenance updates” of your system from time to time. We perform this work proactively, and without your request to ensure that your investment is maintained as a current, up-to-date technology asset, and to make any enhancements to the system more cost-effective to implement.

Support Services Overview

Following project completion and final Client-Acceptance, and production deployment of the new system, PCApps requires a separate, 12-month Support Services Agreement to accommodate minor refinements of potential bug-fixes to existing application functions and capabilities that result from production use of the new system during the first year. Our Support Service fees are typically calculated at 20% of the total project cost. Support Services following the initial 12-month “bake-in” period of production use are optional.

Our standard Support Services Agreement outlines all engineering and consulting services included, as well as a Service-Level Agreement (SLA) that defines support protocols, response times, and escalation procedures.

PCApps Project Central Support System

Every PCApps Client has access to the “PCApps Project Central” application, which serves as the single system-of-record for managing support requests to us. We will use Project Central to enter and track requests for support, bug fixes, enhancements, etc.

Access to the Project Central Support System is included within every PCApps Smart Client solution — this is an integral component of our Smart Client Foundation System — and ties your system directly into PCApps engineering development, testing and project management environment.

You can also access Project Central from your browser or phone via the Web App version, at