PCApps Standard Design-Development Methodology

Over the years we have established several important custom development engineering and project management principles that guide our working relationship with every client. These concepts form the “rules of engagement”.

We will establish milestones each month to measure progress, manage changes as they occur, drive decisions and keep the project focused and on track.  Just follow our lead, provide the feedback we require at each phase, and you will see your custom database solution evolve from initial Prototype designs, thru detailed specs, to a fully-functional Smart Client solution that is custom-fit to your unique business needs.

In every case, our process begins with a client coming to us to discuss a business problem or opportunity. We do not try to push a specific software application or solution in an attempt to make it fit.

Instead, we use 20+ years of experience to understand your business. To do this, we follow a standard design-build process that has proven itself with dozens of clients. We use the process to gather the right information in the right sequence and to provide you with complete visibility. There should be no surprises.

Client review and approval is required at each step of the process. We consider your feedback and approval to be a prerequisite to proceeding on to the next phase.

Project-specific milestones are established every month to measure progress, manage changes as they occur, drive decisions in a transparent manner and keep the project focused and on track.

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