Custom SQL Server and .NET
Internet Database Solutions
For Your Unique and Complex Needs

PCA Overview

Founded in 1992, PCA is a premier database consulting and design firm that provides custom database design and development services exclusively on the Microsoft Internet Database Platform — SQL Server, .NET,  & Analysis Services.  Our innovative solutions helped hundreds of large and small companies achieve new capabilities, significant efficiencies and cost savings.
We distinguish our practice in several important ways — high levels of Client interaction with senior consultants and engineering professionals, deep industry expertise across a number of business domains, an efficient development environment, and mature project design-build methodology to ensure predictable, cost-effective and high quality results.

Custom SQL Server and .NET Application Development Services

Our custom SQL Server and .NET Smart Client and ASP.NET browser-based solutions are fast, highly-scalable and enable real-time, secure SQL Server database collaboration over the Internet.  .NET Database Applications architected around the Smart Client model are ideally suited for business-to-business data management needs, where streamlined workflows, ease of use, and tight integration with internal systems are critical to business performance and efficiency.

Our Clients

The PCA Client base is exceptionally diverse, spanning a broad range of industries and custom applications. Our clients are distinguished by their unique and oftentimes complex industry and line-of-business needs — where the need to simplify, streamline, and automate core business functions is central to quality, efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Outgrown Excel or MS Access?

PCA is frequently engaged by companies that have outgrown a highly-customized MS Excel or MS Access application — and need business process experts and SQL Server database and application developers who can migrate the unique capabilities of these investments to a high-quality, distributed database solution.  We specialize in legacy database migration services.

Agile Prototype Design Methodology

Application Prototypes are the centerpiece to PCA's standard design-build process.  Prototypes provide PCA and our Clients with a simple, visual, fast and inexpensive means to communicate and verify requirements, and exploit opportunities to streamline common functions and workflows.  The outcome of the Prototype Design Phase is confidence in an optimal solution, with reliable engineering resource, budget and schedule estimates to drive the software development phase.

Partner with Trusted Experts at a Top IT Consulting Firm

The PCA team is recognized for its ability to translate unique and complex line-of-business needs into fast, reliable and easy-to-use custom Internet database solutions.    We tackle our Clients' toughest custom software challenges with some of the most talented and experienced database application developers in Boston — with critical thinking, a keep-it-simple philosophy and a proven design-build approach.