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For over 30 years, PCApps Database Consulting Services has been delivering outstanding database applications and outstanding user interfaces to the data. Our expert team consists of more than 15 top-notch professionals — database consultants, business analysts, application designers, SQL database and .NET engineers, project managers and test engineers. Our consultants understand the inner workings of MS SQL Server, MS Excel, MS Access, .NET Development for Desktop and the web. While every database consulting project is unique, it is likely that we have experience creating solutions for your industry.

Our database consulting services are designed to solve your unique and complex business needs.
We can help whether you need:

Type of Data Migrations

We understand that a database is worthless if it is not used. Therefore, while coding is very important, meeting the business objectives is critical. We always begin by understanding the business problem that needs to be solved. In addition, we will build a working prototype for your users to try so you will get to see how the solution will work in your environment.

Here are some of the areas of our database consulting expertise:

  • Data Entry: A system is only as good as the data that is in it. Therefore, the data entry process must be simple. We create data entry that is easy to use and designed to fit their work flow.
  • The Database: An effective database architecture is critical so we create high performance, distributable databases that are structured to handle heavy use for many years into the future.
  • The Software: We are one of the nation’s leading consultants in Microsoft database applications. Our team truly understands the inner workings of Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, the Microsoft .NET framework, and Microsoft Smart Clients, allowing us to truly maximize the software.
  • Reporting: The most effective applications present data in a form that makes it easy to make intelligent business decisions. Our PRACTICAL approach brings the right tools for the project whether it is with simple reports or integration into Crystal Report, or sophisticated dashboards and visualization tools make it easiest to make decisions.