About Us

Our Engineers

We employ some of the most talented and experienced database application engineers available, including business analysts, application designers, SQL database and .NET engineers, project managers, and test engineers. Each devotes their time and talent to achieving excellent results within the complex application design and development practice. Our culture fosters critical thinking, doing what our clients need, being flexible, and developing innovative solutions to our client’s toughest challenges.

What is PCApps?

Practical Computer Applications (PCApps) focuses its consulting and engineering practice on building cost-effective, high-quality, custom database solutions that run core business operations.

Since 1992, Practical Computer Applications (PCApps) has built cost-effective, high-quality, custom databases that run core business operations for leading enterprises, from fortune 500 global corporations to privately-held start-ups.

What is PCA?
PCA Invented Efficient Tools

PCApps Invented Efficient Tools

PCApps did not invent the database. We did not invent the Internet, the browsers, the .NET framework, or any of the reporting and data visualization tools that we, at PCApps, use every day. However, we do invent a very efficient set of tools and repeatable methodology to convert your needs into great, applicable internet databases.

Along the way, we’ve explored and learned new and more efficient ways to meet our client’s most challenging business needs. We have learned how to discern between what looks good on paper and what works in actual practice. We’ve discovered that incremental steps not only reduce business and technology risk but also deliver tangible value to our clients faster and at a lower cost. Check out our client process starting with a free consultation.

Core Values

Smart Communication: focused listening, fearless feedback, clear, concise, thoughtful, efficient team interactions .

Technical Aptitude: desire & capability to contribute & grow in your field Ownership: accountable, reliable, committed.

Making it Simple: work smart, critical thinking leads to creative intuitive solutions, work from complex to simple.

Proactive: stay ahead of expectations, don’t sit back, continuous improvement.

The Bar: when hiring, at least 3 + and 2 +/- for existing staff, work with everyone regardless.

Core values
Our Approach

Result Oriented

Our clients often find themselves with huge repositories of seemingly disconnected sets of data running in systems in poor working order.

PCApps tackles these tough challenges with some of the most talented and experienced database engineers using critical thinking, perseverance, and integrity.

Result Oriented

Custom Solutions of Any Size

Building cost-effective, high-quality, custom database solutions
that run core business operations.


Database Design Consulting & Upgrading

Solve your database issues and roadblocks with our expert database designers and developers. Our expertise in handling complex database issues and providing custom solutions by understanding customer priorities make us one of the best database consultants in the market.

From migrations and integrations to upgrades and redesign – our experts have solved many crisis situations.


Custom Database Development

All software is data-driven, and we understand that one-size-fits-all databases are not optimized for every solution.

We develop custom database solutions for your software to achieve your business objectives better. These tailor-made database architectures and solutions are deployed in businesses of all sizes, from small retailers to enterprise-level systems.


SQL Server Optimization

An inefficient query can have devastating effects on an application. Poorly-tuned queries can consume 10X more resources than an optimized query.

We can help you get the most out of your software by optimizing your SQL queries and managing database resources efficiently. Our consultants can help lower costs and resource utilization by removing bottlenecks and engineering better database management.


BlockChain Databases

Blockchain-based applications are the future. They require a decentralized blockchain database to solve the problems. Our team of Blockchain database experts can help you design, build and manage large scalable Blockchain databases so that you can focus on solving the problem at hand.

We not only understand how blockchain’s public ledger system, but we also know the most efficient way to implement such database solutions.


BI & Data Analysis

A large amount of data is the most common and ubiquitous element in our software solutions today. Our BI and Data analytics solutions can help you build visualizations on the data that help you make better business decisions.

Our team of BI experts and data scientists can help wriggle out the most useful data and present it in compelling ways.


.NET Application Development

.NET applications build on efficient code management practices, and service-oriented architecture can solve problems of any scale and size. Our team of .NET developers, principal designers, and architects can help you create strong, reliable solutions with intuitive UI and UX. Our solutions are designed for easy deployment and maintainability.