About Us

We employ some of the most talented, experienced database and application

We employ some of the most talented and experienced database and application design and development engineers available, including business analysts, application designers, SQL database and .NET engineers, project managers and test engineers. Each devotes their time and talent to achieving excellent results within the complex application design and development practice. Our culture fosters critical thinking, doing what our clients need, being flexible, and developing innovative solutions to our clients toughest challenges.

What is PCA ?

Practical Computer Applications (PCA) focuses its consulting and engineering practice on building cost-effective, high-quality, custom database solutions that run core business operations.

Since 1992, Practical Computer Applications (PCA) has built cost-effective, high-quality, custom databases that run core business operations for leading enterprises, from Fortune 500 global corporations to privately-held start-ups.

PCA invented efficient tools

PCA did not invented the database. We did not invented the Internet, nor the browsers, .NET framework, or any of the reporting and data visualization tools that we, at PCA, use every day. However, we do invented a very efficient set of tools and repeatable methodology to convert your needs into great, applicable Internet databases.

Along the way, we’ve explored and learned new and more efficient ways to meet our clients’ most challenging business needs. We have learned how to discern between what looks good on paper and what works in actual practice. We’ve discovered that incremental steps not only reduce business and technology risk, but also delivers tangible value to our clients faster and at a lower cost. Check out our client process starting with a free consultation

Our Approach

Result Oriented

Our clients often find themselves with huge repositories of seemingly disconnected sets of data running in systems in poor working order.

PCA tackles these tough challenges with some of the most talented and experienced database engineers using critical thinking, perseverance, and integrity

Custom solutions for of any size

building cost-effective, high-quality, custom database solutions
that run core business operations.

Data Migration & Expansion

Move your data robust, scalable, industry standard Microsoft SQL Server databases.

Expand your SQL Databases as your business grows in size and complexity.

Data Visualization

Your data is only as useful as your visualization tools.

Move onto lightning-fast reporting platforms like Power BI or Tableau. Need finer control? PCA can build custom reporting software to your exact needs.

Data Collection & Management

Efficient collection & management of your data helps your data work for you.

PCA builds custom Smart Clients, Web Apps, and Mobile Apps tailored to a client’s unique needs.

SQL/.NET Auditing

Worried the security for your database is not up to modern standards? Lost faith in the company handling your data project?

PCA has 30 years’ experience in the industry that we are ready to put at your disposal.

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