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Custom BI Applications

Sample Business Intelligence & Analytics Applications.

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Sample Business Intelligence & Analytics Applications

Below are several sample BI and Analytics Applications that PCApps designed and developed. Give us a call to walk you through the many capabilities — 1-877-843-3405 — they are packed with functionality, and offer a great deal of flexibility for viewing and manipulating complex sets of business data.


We initiate most projects with the Application Prototype Design Phase — give us a call and we will show you other examples that may be more relevant to your industry, business and operational needs.

Case Studies

Private: Cisco

Cisco approached PCApps to evaluate their situation and recommend a solution to solve their immediate problems and accommodate future needs. Following a two-week assessment, PCApps recommended a 3-phased approach that was aligned with Cisco’s priorities: I) stabilize the system right away; II) replace MS Access with something more reliable; and III) maintain and enhance the new system as needed.