Trusted IT Consulting Firm

We step in as your own dedicated griup of database consulting professionals specializing in understanding your technology options, advising you in selecting the right database tools, and providing you with high-quality engineering services to design and develope custom database solutions that meet your needs.

Custom IT Consulting

At our core, we are an IT consulting firm, which means our primary role is to help you understand your options, put your business database on the right track, and help you keep your business running efficiently. We specialize in business database and .NET application services and our trained IT consultants are experts in assessing what you really need even if you don’t know yourself.

SQL Server Database Project Takeovers (Software Renovation)

We also frequently engage with clients who have projects that are over-budget, over-schedule, and incomplete. Our design engineers are experts in taking over complex projects, getting you back on track, gaining back your confidence in the outcome, and allowing your business (and your employees) to stay focused on your core purpose.

.NET Consulting Services

Microsoft’s .NET Framework (.NET) has the most cutting-edge programming tools and services for creating visually-stunning applications that are secure, web-based, and seamlessly up-to-date. Businesses using applications created with the .NET Framework have the power to work from anywhere at any time, while leveraging the ability to connect with other powerful database products from Microsoft, such as SQL Server. The .NET Framework is Microsoft’s flagship development architecture and represents the future in advanced custom Internet software applications.

VB (Visual Basic) .NET Consulting Services

One of the more common languages used by businesses when creating in-house applications is VB (Visual Basic). VB applications can quickly grow from small application prototypes to large and unwieldy programs, but also often grow in expense to maintain and hinder growth of a business. Our application developers have years of VB programming experience, from cleaning-up/optimizing existing VB applications to designing and developing full business applications, to upgrading business-critical legacy applications.

Affiliated Power Purchasers International

APPI provides energy procurement and management services to commercial and industrial businesses.

APPI engaged PCA to migrate an internal MS Access application to SQL Server to improve reliability, performance, data integrity, security and overall system maintainability.