Tripp Micou PCA Headshot

Tripp Micou

Tripp Micou founded Practical Computer Applications (PCA) in 1992 with the vision to develop a consultancy that solves real business needs

Marc Thevenin

Mr. Thevenin joined PCA in 2005 to lead PCA’s engineering development and quality control practices.

Indra Sugianto PCA Headshot

Indra Sugianto

Indra Sugianto joined PCA in 1999, and is responsible for managing client projects

Andreas Kartawidjaja PCA Headshot

Andreas Kartawidjaja

Andreas joined PCA in June 2004. Mr. Kartawidjaja serves as the lead technical engineer for a number of complex projects

Jim Hansen PCA Headshot

Jim Hansen

Mr. Hansen joined PCA in November 2011. Prior to PCA, Jim worked for ten years in the SQL Server group at Microsoft.

Hope Nguyen PCA Headshot

Hope Nguyen

Mr. Nguyen joined PCA in 1999, as serves as a Senior Design Engineer and Business Analyst.

Kevin Greiner PCA Headshot

Kevin Greiner

Mr. Greiner joined PCA in 2011 and serves as Technical Project Manager. Kevin manages custom ERM/ERP