Microsoft SQL Server Analysis, Design and Development Services

PCA frequently designs and develops custom SQL Server databases to drive a variety of front-end applications e.g. MS Access, VB, ASP.NET, and .Net Smart Client. PCA custom-fits the database schema and application design to meet our Clients business, operational and budget objectives. End Users love PCA-designed applications because they are fast, reliable and very easy to use. Management gets a solution that is less than half the traditional cost, and built on the Standard Microsoft Business Platform which provides a stable, scalable growth path.

SQL Server Application Development

A well-designed database server without a well written Client application has little to no value. Business users on the road, at home, and satellite offices often need access to accurate and up-to-date business information on demand. PCA develops distributed database applications on the Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and 2005 platform that work the same at home or on the road.
PCA's Smart Client platform enables the rapid design, prototyping, development and deployment of high quality, high performance SQL Server-based desktop applications across the Internet. Our Smart Client platform and project methodologies work so well, we estimate the cost of developing a typical Smart Client application at one-third to one-half the cost of developing a traditional web-enabled custom business applications.
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SQL Server Application Requirements Analysis

If your organization is in the early planning stages of a custom business application project, Practical Computer Applications can provide expert, practical experience to your MIS department or business center. Expert PCA SQL Server database design consultants combine in-depth knowledge of your business and industry with a detailed understanding of data modeling, and business rules as they relate to Microsoft SQL Server technologies to help architect, implement, and deploy solid business solutions.

SQL Server Database Planning, Architecture, and Design Services

PCA's SQL Server consultants can provide thorough assessment and review services that provide you with an in-depth evaluation of business requirements, plans, architectures, and designs of operational systems and environments. This early-stage service allows you to identify and mitigate risks and realize benefits more quickly.
Do you need help from an expert with designing and building a solution from the ground up? Our SQL Server Consultants will help you create plans for business solutions and technical SQL Server architecture as well as SQL Server design infrastructure and mission-critical applications.

SQL Server Proof-of-Concept / SQL Server Prototyping Services

Once we have completed the initial planning and design stages of a SQL Server solution, our SQL Server Consultants can provide you with a prototype application to validate the application functionality. This process is particualrly useful within tight budget and schedule constraints. The PCA application prototype design method enables you to SEE THE APPLICATION before it is developed, to mitigate any technical risks, and to accelerate the formation of a project team prior to the development or deployment of your SQL Server solution.  We strive to Keep I.T. Simple!  Application Prototypes offer our clients a simple, cost-effective way to visualize their solution before making a commitment.

Custom SQL Server Solution Services

PCA can develop the full blown needs of an application development cycle to provide the overall solution to your business needs. Our SQL Server programmers and SQL Server Consultants have the real world experience necessary to build the right solution for your company. Because we also build distributed SQL Server database systems, we can also solve your distributed database problems.

SQL Server 2000-2016 Optimization and SQL Performance Tuning

If you've already developed a custom SQL Server database solution, but you are experiencing data reliability and/or application performance problems, PCA can help you discover the root cause of the problems and provide solutions sets that meet your budget requirements and business needs. We have many proven techniques for optimizing the performance of SQL Server. Our SQL Server Consultants work with SQL Server 2000-2016, (and even SQL Server 7.0 and SQL Server 6.5).

MSDE - Microsoft Database Engine (MSDE Differences from SQL Server)

MSDE is Microsoft's personal version of its SQL Server product line. It is a fully functional SQL Server, with licensing restrictions, and a few limitations imposed by the operating system. It is the intermediate step between Microsoft Access and SQL Server, and can be used on laptops and standalone machines. If you need help converting MS Access to MSDE, or MS Access to SQL Server or are need help understanding how MSDE works, our SQL Server Consultants can help you. The differences between SQL Server and MSDE are minor. With appropriate licensing, you can even create a distributed database MSDE application.