Microsoft Access Replication

Microsoft Access Replication PCA has extensive experience with helping our Clients successfully distribute Custom MS Access Business Applications over a LAN and the Internet, determine to best ways to manage MS Access database replication, MS Access database distributed in replication, and MS Access database replication software.
So you've developed a great, custom-fit Microsoft Access application that supports your unique business needs! Now, your business colleagues need to use the MS Access application over the LAN, over the Internet from home, or on the road from a laptop. Maybe you have satellite offices or partners that also need to use your MS Access application over the Internet?

MS Access Database Replication

MS Access applications are suitable for small groups e.g. 2-10 users over a LAN, or 2-5 users over the Internet. If you push MS Access much beyond this, you'll more than likely start running into problems, especially if you have a relatively complex set of products, services, and business processes (all result in an increasingly complex database schema), and particularly if your business needs require more advanced types of Server-to-Client functionlity, like database replication & synchronization.
MS Access Scalability

MS Access Data Replication

MS Access database replication, MS Access database distributed in replication, and MS Access database replication software -- are all topics that PCA rarely promotes or encourages with our Clients. Under the most ideal of circumstances (e.g. simple database schema, few number of users, relatively small database), MS Access database replication over the Internet must be well designed, well managed and infrequent! As your business needs grow, the process of MS Access database replication can (and will!) grow increasingly problematic and costly over time.
The MS Access database replication controls that are supported by MS Access can (and often do) produce results that are both painful and expensive, depending upon a number of factors, including the complexity of the business process (and the resultant database schema), number of users, size of the database, data types, and so on. If you push the application beyond what it's capable of supporting in any one of these areas, consequences can include loss or corruption of data, End Users working off the wrong set of data, security problems, database corruption, slow performance, and the MS Access application itself locking up or crashing.
In our experience, these are all too common consequences of a office-grown MS Access database replication, and it may be time to look seriously at making some design changes to the MS Access application, or migrate your MS Access application to MSDE or SQL Server. PCA can help you make a well-informed decision for MS Access database replication and MS Access database distributed in replication, in the most cost-effective manner.
Unless there are compelling reasons to the contrary, PCA recommends that our customers build their business application on MSDE or MS SQL Server from the start, as this avoids many problems, offers a robust set of tools and controls, and provides a stable plaform for change, enhancements, and scale. IT'S ALSO MORE AFFORDABLE!
Distributed applications with distributed databases is a thorny problem for many companies. PCA offers a number of time-tested approaches to solving this particular problem that make sense. PCA is an expert with MS Access database replication, MS Access database distributed in replication, and MS Access database replication software. We can create robust, Internet based applications directly from your MS Access application. PCA's Smart Client approach to distributed database applications is FASTER over the Internet, and EASIER TO USE over the Internet, than most MS Access applications running on a local area network (LAN)!