Standard PCA "Licence Free" Terms

PCA provides custom solutions on a fees-for-services basis — our Clients own the solution outright on an exclusive, perpetual, and license-free basis. We offer several different fee structures, depending upon the nature of the project i.e. a fixed-cost project, monthly retainer, or T&M basis.  Compare the cost of Licensing vs PCA's Custom Solution approach:
  Packaged Software (COTS)   Custom PCA Solution
arrow Cost of Application Licensing Fee + Professional Services + Annual Maintenance & Support fees Professional Services Fee
(no licensing)
arrow Application Fit Additional Professsional Service Fees (typically 2-3x the Licensing fee) to make the product actually work for your business Custom-designed from the ground-up around your specific business and operational needs
arrow Distribution Cost Per User and/or Per Server CPU, and/or Per Site None
arrow Maintenance Cost Annual recurring: 15-20% of Licensing Costs 1st year only: 15-20% of Project Fee
arrow Cost-to-Switch High: locked into Proprietary Vendor Platform Low: application is built on standard Microsoft SQL Server & .NET 
PCA's fixed-cost business model makes the most sense for many businesses, and calculating the return on your investment for a custom application is simple and straightforward: lower cost to acquire, higher user acceptance and increased productivity, with zero ongoing licensing or IT support costs. The PCA difference is significant. Total Cost of Ownership for custom-developed PCA applications is substantially less than traditional Enterprise Software applications.