We deliver QlikView consulting services as part of our analytics and data visualization services. QlikView is one of the most advanced data visualization tools available. Our QlikView consulting services include everything from helping to properly structure the database for fast, optimized QlikView data loads, to scrubbing and transforming the data, to building out the charts, filters and QlikView dashboards. We are a company focused on database applications, and delivering the highest quality, most actionable views of data possible.

QlikView has a very fast in-memory columnar database, an extensive library of visual controls and a powerful data loading engine. Our QlikView consulting services provide visual drill-down dashboards interacting directly with synchronized filters and charts.

Practical Computer Application (PCApps) may recommend QlikView-based data visualizations as part of our delivery to our customers if client requirements include:

  • Easy to use experience and minimum learning curve
  • Fast in-memory analytics and rich dashboards
  • Variety of client user interfaces, including web, desktop and iPad
  • Visual and interactively drill down to any subset of data