Data Visualization And Analysis Demonstrations

These Data Visualization demos are best viewed with a Practical Computer Applications (PCApps) consultant to get you up to speed quickly and explain the finer points of these applications. Contact Us for a walk-through.

We consider these demos “advanced” because they require you to download a “player”, similar to downloading Adobe for PDF’s. We don’t store any private information, nor do we install any adware, or anything that would affect your computer, but if you feel uncomfortable, we’ve created a video for one of the demos at the end of the page.

Image Driven Inventory Database Demo:
Image Driven Inventory Database Demo:

Interactive Human Resources Demo:

Click on the Launch button below to start the Human Resources Demo. You will be asked to download Java run-time and omniscope online viewer (if they are not already installed).

Data In > Information Out To help you get useful information out of your large, complex databases, we provide full custom data analysis and data visualization solutions. We help to format and structure your data to make it easy to input data and easy to utilize the information within the database. We provide quality reporting tools including interactive graphics (data visualizations) that provide a way for many types of users to find the information that they need quickly and easily.

In these sample demos we use public data because our client data is confidential. We processed and structured each set of data as needed to create interactive visualizations. We can process your data to create useful visualizations for your top users, and we provide the ability for you to create your own custom visualizations to answer specific questions.