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Facing poor performance? Our SQL Audit can solve your problems

  • Improving database design
  • Defining processes for maintaining data
  • Improving the security of your SQL database
  • Documenting the schema


When you need an SQL Audit?

SQL Server Performance Audits need to be analyzed on a periodic basis. This period depends upon the number of background programs, frequency of upgrading and number of data sets. PCA professional SQL Server Audit Service detects issues and suggests solutions linked to the following areas:

  • SQL Server Query/Index Optimization
  • Analysis of Database breaches
  • Maintenance Issues
  • Best possible recommendations
  • Complete Audit Reports

SQL audits help you to identify and correct performance issues with your SQL Server, which can in turn help your business to grow. By fixing these issues, you can improve the overall performance of your database and make it more efficient. In addition, regular auditing can also help to prevent future problems from occurring.


Area where PCA can help you in SQL Auditing

The objective of the Engineering Audit is to study the database configuration, data structures, indexes, procedures, and dynamic performance. This helps PCA in detecting and suggesting improvements in these areas. PCA has a team of qualified and experienced database administrators who can help you with integrity characteristics, maintainability, standards and best practices of the SQL Server Database.