Ms Smart Client Benefits

Microsoft Smart Client applications developed by Practical Computer Applications (PCApps) provide the best features of browser-based applications with the best features of desktop applications.

  • Like browser applications, your database is accessible enterprise-wide and can be made available to customers, clients, and suppliers. However, unlike browser applications, they can be used off-line. Smart Clients databases are under control and highly secure.
  • Like desktop applications, end-users get high performance applications with a familiar Microsoft Office style interface.  Practical features like drag-and-drop are routinely available. However, unlike desktop applications, the software is easy to manage centrally and installs with a simple click on a URL.

Microsoft Smart Client applications are built on the standard Microsoft SQL Server / .NET Internet Database platform, the most developed smart client framework available. It is highly stable and offers tight integration with highly familiar Microsoft Office applications. The result is lower development costs and higher user acceptance.

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Benefits Of Microsoft Smart Clients

Microsoft Desktop Application Experience

Microsoft Smart Client applications look and perform just like standard Microsoft Office Applications. They provide a rich user interface that is very familiar to working professional. While it is possible to mimic a Microsoft Office application experience inside a Browser, many features, such as drag-and-drop cannot be easily duplicated.

High Performance & Scalable

Microsoft Smart Client applications take advantage of the resources available on the end-user’s device, such as the CPU, graphics processor, memory (RAM), and disk storage. As a result, Smart Client application performance is the same for 100 users as it is for 10,000 users – fast and responsive.

We makes use of advanced data caching algorithms to enable high application performance with virtually any size database. Application performance is the same for databases with megabytes, gigabytes, or terabytes or data.

Centralized Security

Smart Clients connect to a centralized Ms SQL Server database with centralized application security. All Practical-designed Smart Client applications employ a multi-tier, role-based security model that provides admin ability to assign business roles and configure role-specific application- and data-level access privileges.

Integrated With Ms Office Apps & Local Devices

Smart Client applications can connect directly with local devices, such as VOIP, bar-code and RFID readers, scanners, etc., as well as software resources available to that PC, including exchanging data with Ms Excel, Ms Word and Ms Outlook applications.

Web Services Ready

Smart Clients can connect directly with any data resources or web services available on the internet, e.g., Google Earth, D&B database.

Off-Line Capable

Smart Client applications is they can be used off-line, when a connection to the internet is unavailable. When re-connected, Smart Clients automatically synchronize all off-line changes with the central SQL Server database, completely transparent to the end user. Smart Client applications work exceptionally well, connected or not.

Flexible Deployment

Practical Smart Client applications are hosting environment independent.  The SQL Server database can be located anywhere – on your network behind a firewall, or a 3rd-party Application Hosting Provider (ASP). Through our business relationship with RackSpace, Practical offers “one-stop” application Hosting, Maintenance and Support services, which can oftentimes provide a more cost-effective approach.

Maintenance Free

Smart Client installations and maintenance updates are completely automated, intelligent, and seamless to end users and no IT support is required. There is no need to manage different versions of the Smart Client application because everyone automatically gets the latest version with the most current set of data. The Practical Smart Client “Mobilizer” automates application installation and updates, so traditional headaches and expenses associated with maintaining distributed business applications go away.