Custom Database Reporting & Advanced Analytical Solutions

We provide a broad range of custom database reporting and analysis solutions — from simple to complex canned reports using SQL Server Reporting Services and Crystal Reports, more dynamic reporting capabilities that can involve specials controls embedded into your .NET application, to highly flexible, interactive data mining and data visualization solutions.

As with all of our custom consulting and development projects, we will work closely with you to understand your specific business needs and priorities, to recommend the best approach, and provide custom design and development engineering services to deliver your solution, on time and on budget.


SQL Reporting Services and Crystal Reports both provide powerful tools for building canned reports that are targeted for online and print output. Effective use of report filters often can greatly improve usability and reduce costs.

Pivot Grids

.NET Grid Reporting controls provide an easy and highly flexible way to slice-and-dice business data: to dynamically aggregate, group, filter and sort information for ad hoc reporting needs.


Cubes are like Excel pivot tables on steroids, and provide power users with a multi-dimensional information space, from which cause and effect relationships between disparate pieces of information can be derived.

Data Mining

Data mining solution provide more advanced SQL Analysis Services solutions that enable pattern and trend discovery, and are most often used to meet business forecasting needs.