Outsourcing And Project Takeovers

Even the best development teams and contract programmers may lack deep experience in creating top quality database applications. Database applications can be very tricky and optimizing a database can be difficult. The team must understand both the business and specific database programming issues in order to develop an effective and optimal database application.

Practical Computer Applications (PCApps) can help you solve problems, get back on schedule and meet budgets. We specialize in picking up and completing complex and heavily customized database projects.

We are often called upon to complete a custom application development effort. We can do this regardless of the current quality or completeness of the application, or whether the original developer is available to help. We have business experience to ask the right questions, challenge your assumptions, and to help prioritize your needs; this insures that your needs and ideas are compatible with your business objectives and budget.

Using our specialized knowledge and experience, we quickly figure out what needs to be done to complete a development project. Our experts can enhance capabilities, fix or salvage components, increase performance, improve ease-of-use, and extend the utility and reliability of your application. We can quickly understand the existing database structures, business logic and workflow.