Data Migration And Conversion

Many businesses start by managing their core business data using a highly customized version of Microsoft Excel or MS Access. However, they soon realize that they have outgrown the limited capabilities these products can offer. Usually, the problems are caused by the need to support multiple users with the same application and a consistent set of data

Perhaps, the first exposure of some companies to the problem is when their team emails Microsoft Excel spreadsheets with data to multiple stakeholders to modify. Which spreadsheet contains the most up-to-date data? What happens when multiple users make changes to versions of the same spreadsheet? Is the data secure? Who will reconcile all of the changes?

This is when companies decide to migrate from Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Access to a secure, reliable, and centralized SQL Server database. Fortunately, end users can still use their existing Microsoft applications even when the data is in SQL Server.

Data migrations are a core competency at PCApps. Our programmers are experts at evaluating source database systems and at determining the essential steps necessary to successfully migrate your existing data management system to a more stable and scalable solution. Here are the types of database migrations and conversions that are most common: