Microsoft SQL Server + Smart Client = Internet Database

Do you need to share and update information in real-time with employees, suppliers, distributors or customers over the internet? We specializes in custom web database applications built on the Microsoft SQL Server database, and we have helped many businesses determine the best, most cost-efficient way to develop and deploy SQL Server data on the internet.

Leverage Your SQL Server Investment

If you have already invested considerable time and effort developing a SQL Server database to manage your business data, adding a .NET Smart Client application will allow you to make this information available in real-time to any employee or business partner with an internet connection. Smart Client applications provide a secure, fast and reliable way to Internet-enable a SQL Server database. Smart Client applications enable frequent, concurrent database updates i.e. based upon Admin-defined role-based security restrictions, end users can read, modify data, add new records, access updated reports, etc., from any location.

We know how to create robust, Smart Client applications that work directly with your MS SQL Server database that actually perform faster and are easier to use over the Internet than most MS SQL Server applications running on a local area network (LAN).