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QlikView Consulting

  • Modern Data Visualization Tools
  • Tailored to your company’s needs
  • Lightning fast & responsive

What does PCApps offer?

As part of QlikView Consulting Services, we help organize databases for fast and optimal QlikView data loads, scrub data and transform it, then build charts, filters, and dashboards. With a focus on database applications, we deliver the best, most actionable views of data.


Benefits of QlikView Consulting Services

In addition to analytics and data visualization services, we deliver QlikView Consulting Services. Among the most advanced tools for data visualization, QlikView is among the most popular. QlikView boasts a very fast in-memory columnar database, an extensive selection of visual controls, and one of the most powerful data loading engines available. By utilizing QlikView Consulting, you will be able to drill down into visual drill-down dashboards that interact directly with synchronized filters and charts.

If our customers require QlikView-based data visualizations, PCApps will include them in our delivery to them if they include the following:

  • A quick and easy learning curve and easy to use experience
  • Rich dashboards powered by fast in-memory analytics
  • Web, desktop, iPad, and other types of client user interfaces
  • Drill down to any part of the data visually and interactively