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Power Bi Consulting

  • Data Visualization Tools of the Modern Era
  • Designed to meet your company’s needs
  • Swift & responsive
  • Simple and intuitive interfaces

Speed & Large Data Sets

Why should you use Power Bi?

The Power Bi tool has been developed and is backed by Microsoft. One of the fastest data visualization tools available and capable of handling massive data sets. To grow and outrank your competition, you must have the best insights about your business. Power Bi provides these insights.

PCApps: Why?

Power Bi can be made faster with PCApps experience. There is no way to improve the performance of your data unless you optimize your database and calls or pre-process the data. Over the past several years, PCApps has been working on it and has now found a sustainable system that speeds up your Power Bi analytics.


Interactive Graphics

Why Power Bi?

The graphics generated by Power Bi are interactive. Clickable portions of each graph and table provide filtering and search functionality.

Why PCApps?

From the beginning of the technology, PCApps has been creating interactive reports for fortune 500 companies. Our team of Power Bi experts knows how to design reports to maximize the platform’s interactive features.


Robust Business Intelligence Solutions

You can rely on PCApps for a wide range of data solutions, whether you’re struggling with measuring your metrics or simply looking to improve your business intelligence capabilities. We’ve got you covered whether you’re looking for business dashboards, prototype software, or analytics.

Designed to Fit Your Needs:

You must understand the metrics that matter to your business and your growth. We design a business intelligence solution based on your needs to serve your unique needs.

  • Defining your KPIs will allow you to create a more robust data solution
  • Building custom dashboards for CEOs, CFOs, sales representatives, report writers, financial analysts, and more
  • Planning and designing based on the best platform for your team