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Custom .NET Application Consulting

PCApps provide .NET Consulting Services with different variants of the .NET internet application programming language.

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Microsoft .NET Application Design and Development Services

We frequently develop VB.NET and C#.NET business applications, as components of an existing website, with design-compatible front-end Graphical Interfaces that are connected to SQL Server back-end databases — forming a true “Internet Database” application. We typically develop browser interfaces to ASP.NET applications that are used for customer-facing or partner-facing applications, where requirements for read-only access to business data and reports is often the most cost-effective approach.

.NET Applications: Internet And Desktop Applications Converge

We view .NET as a long term platform that unifies the various Rapid Application Development environments we have been working with for many years. .NET development converges a variety of languages and in doing so, enables a fairly seamless convergence of the internet model with the Desktop Model. .NET further helps by overcoming many traditional hardware and Web Service-related proprietary barriers.

Rapid .NET Application Development In Visual Studio .NET

Visual Studio .NET substantially simplifies the effort and time required to develop powerful and reliable web solutions. By offering end-to-end web and .NET development capabilities, and scalable, reusable server-side components, Visual Studio .NET increases productivity and helps businesses address the demands of a rapid, cost-effective changes to application capabilities.

Our .NET developers can make your business information available over the Internet, using a .NET application interface connected to a SQL Server database. We can spec, design and develop a new .NET web database application from scratch, or takeover existing .NET development projects that over budget and under powered. We employ a standard design-build methodology to ensure the solution is confirmed to meet your critical business needs, and can be extended over time to meet changing business needs in a cost-effective manner.

Convert MS Access And Visual Basic Applications To .NET

Our .NET development expertise is frequently engaged to convert the older business application to the .NET platform, to take advantage of new capabilities, integrate with 3rd-party web services, and to realize lower maintenance and support costs. By prototyping your new application in .NET, we can enable quick and cost-effective turn-around of change requests, and pre-confirm application capabilities, schedule, and budget — all before development begins! We provide proven .NET development expertise for your most challenging business applications. Our .NET developers specialize in custom .NET software application design and development, and provide ongoing application maintenance and support services as well to ensure the business continuity and level of service that you demand.