Solutions for Importing Application Data: Importing Excel Data into a MS Access Database

PCA has imported hundreds of highly-customized Excel-based data management systems into well-formed MS Access and SQL Server / .NET Smart Client solutions. The key to successfully importing Excel data to Access and SQL Server is to maintain the original business and functional intent of the Excel data system, while taking full advantage of the relational information model and workflow advantages that a well-designed MS Access database and SQL Server database can offer.

Import Excel Data into a Access Databases

Spreadsheets provide Power Users with tremendous data power and flexibility for developing custom business database applications. However, as Excel database spreadsheets get used more often by more people in the organization — as Excel Spreadsheets get copied, modified, enhanced and emailed around — they tend to grow in weight, scope and complexity. Excel Database Spreadsheets also grow more critical to more people's day-to-day business operations. The low cost, ease-of-use and flexibility that are Excel's strength now become a burden. Reconciling different spreadsheet versions, Importing Excel Data or Exporting Excel Data, copying & pasting data into MS Access Databases, repairing errors, an inability to derive meaningful information, etc. are all too common challenges. This is the time to convert Excel and import Excel data to Access databases.
Convert Excel to MS Access Database
Many businesses rely on PCA to help them successfully import data from Excel to Access Database Applications and bring data integrity and usability to the next level. It's critical that the Excel to MS Access import preserves the original business intent of the Excel spreadsheet, provide a platform for stable and repeatable business information flow, and eliminate the costs and complexities inherent to many multi-user Excel Database applications. PCA can help you decide if converting data from Excel to Access is appropriate for your business objectives, or whether a SQL Server / .NET Smart Client solution makes more sense.
Databases such as MS Access provide a more structured approach for managing critical business data than is possible with an Excel spreadsheet or Excel Database. Excel Database Spreadsheets provide infinite flexibility, but at a cost. MS Access databases provide for larger quantities of data, but also provide for more highly structured applications. The good news is that PCA can import your data from Excel to Access. At the same time, we can often simplify your complex Excel application, while keeping the Excel spreadsheet-like functionality intact when we import your data from Microsoft Excel to Access databases. Excel to Access importation is one of PCA's specialities.

Import Excel to MS Access / Export Excel to MS Access

PCA will Import data from Excel to Access or Export Excel data to MS Access in a way that preserves the valuable Excel Data model that you've worked hard to design for your business. We can also build routines that automatically Export Access to Excel or Export data from Excel to Access.
Once data from an Excel application has been imported from an Excel database spreadsheet to an MS Access Database, the MS Access data can still be viewed and analyzed in Excel! But the input, and equations, and data manipulation become part of a structured, well-defined MS Access database application, which provides for improved data entry consistency, improved versioning as new functions get added, and provides Users with an easier, more straightforward structured user interface.

As Excel spreadsheets grow more complicated and more people use the Excel spreadsheets, they can quickly grow out of control. It's time for an MS Access database application to help stablize the business utility of the spreadsheet. MS Access databases provide a more structured approach for critical data than does an Excel spreadsheet with good flexibility and infinite quantities of data and more structured applications. PCA can help Import data from Excel to Access and make your Excel Application available in a multi-user, well-structured application. For mission-critical business applications, the Excel data can be controlled in a secure way, and the Excel Data made available through secure role-based security over the Internet as a Smart-Client application!

Practical Computer Applications has the experience of importing data from Excel spreadsheets into well defined MS Access Applications. We can handle your MS Excel data importation needs too. Contact PCA, Inc. to learn more about converting your MS Excel to MS Access.