Bain Capital Portfolio & ROI Analytics

This screen shows the main Smart Client application pallet, with menu selections at the top, short-cuts to the Sankaty Returns application modules on the left, and a business process workflow diagram in the center (which is navigable). The "Index Returns" tab switches to a different business application inside the same Smart Client application, with different modules and workflows.
Bain Smart Client application pallet
Investment Allocation Form, using PCA's standard Smart Client User Interface layout: filters at the top to restrict records in the center list view (~38,000), and actions at the bottom (Edit, Delete, etc.)
Bain Investment Allocation Form
Positions Manager Form: filters at the top to restrict records in the center list view (~13,600), and record detail at the bottom, with tabs to view & edit various data management functions.
Bain Positions Management Form
Publications Manager Form: used to control which portfolio data sets are available in production environment. Filters at the top to restrict records in the bottom list view (~7,000), with functions to view, finalize and close investment funds.
Publications Manager Form
Reporting Form, with flexible filters for Report type, date range, and detailed report criteria.
Reporting Filter Form
Dynamic Grid Reporting Form: allows user to group, aggregate, filter and sort any number of arbitrary columns, on-the-fly with a simple drag of the mouse. Custom report definitions and layouts can be saved and shared, with direct data export to MS Excel.
Dynamic Grid Reporting Form
Standard Smart Client Role-based security form: Admin ability to define and manage business roles, and associated application feature- and data-level access privileges.
Role-based Security Form