" Custom Supply-Chain Planning Solution Enables PepsiCo to Optimize Manufacturing and Distribution Against Seasonal Sales Demands — Achieves Transparency and Best Practices Within Entire Supply Chain Planning Process and Consistent Performance Metrics "

  • Client: PepsiCo, Inc.
  • Industry: Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Application: Supply Chain Planning and Demand Forecasting
  • Users: Planning Managers, Product Producers, Distributors, Bottlers, Administrators
  • Technology: Convert MS Excel to Smart Client
"Most of our facilities weren’t quite ready for SAP, but did require more sophistication and consistency than Excel spreadsheets could provide. Ultimately, we needed to connect key people and processes, all under PepsiCo’s best practices – which many commercially available software tools struggled to support."

"The custom PCA solution provided transparency to the entire supply chain planning process across EMEA. Now everyone can report our numbers and forecasts in one central location, and operate under PepsiCo’s best practices and consistent performance metrics. Life has been made much easier."

Joanne Metzke
Supply Chain Manager

" PCA Helps Cisco Optimize Global Testing Operations — Achieves Measurable Gains in Operational Efficiency, Business Capabilities, Customer Satisfaction "
Cisco logo
  • Client: Cisco Systems
  • Industry: Telecommunications
  • Application: Global Product Testing
  • Users: Testers, Engineering, PM, Customers, Mgmt
  • Technology: MS Access to SQL Server/Smart Client
"By migrating from MS Access to the Smart Client platform, we were able to retain our 3-year investment in the MS Access application design, overcome its deficiencies, and extend capabilities in a cost-effective manner."

"The PCA-designed Smart Client solution is a big asset recognized both internally and externally by our customers. PCA did a great job!! Their team understood the business needs and had good ideas on how to convert requirements into efficient application capabilities. Project management support has been effective, and really made a difference on this project.

Chuck Bodemann
Director of Test Engineering

" PCA Streamlines Global Product Labeling System — Ecolab Realizes Big Cost Savings, Improved Consistency and Availability "
  • Client: Ecolab
  • Industry: Cleaning Products and Services
  • Application: Global Product Labeling Management
  • Users: Production, R&D, Sales and Marketing (52 countries)
  • Technology: MS Access to SQL Server migration, Citrix, AD
"From initial planning to project completion, our communications with PCA was extremely simple and clear. Their engineers understood our business needs, and enabled us to deliver a solution that far surpassed commercially available products. We are extremely pleased with PCA and the results."

"We now have a single view of our products in the marketplace, and have realized dramatic reductions in time, resources, and costs. The new system provides senior management, administrators, R&D, marketing, and others with a unified view of the entire European product list, while maintaining consistency and compliance with strict, ever-changing labeling requirements."

Daniël Van Eeckhoutte
Business Portfolio Coordination Manager
"Improved Collaboration and More Time with Customers translates into Competitive Advantage for Nebraskan Agronomist"
Franklin Park LLC
  • Client: Agricultural Services, Inc.
  • Industry: Agriculture
  • Application: Field Tracker
  • Users: Agronomists, Field Scouts, Operations, Sales
  • Technology: SQL Server + .NET Smart Client + SSRS
"It is important to us as an employee-owned company that we share certain information among all employees. The PCA solution made this possible. It has also enhanced morale and productivity among the members of our team. "

"It is not any easier to justify our investment in the PCA solution than it is to justify $300,000 for a combine or a $250,000 sprayer. You either buy them, or you aren’t going to be able to conduct business

Dave Jakubowski
Sales Manager

" PCA Streamlines Customer Access and Investment Analytics Capabilities for Financial Advisory Firm – Delivers Premium Services at Lower Cost "
Franklin Park LLC
  • Client: Franklin Park LLC
  • Industry: Investment Advisory Services
  • Application: Portfolio Analytics + Document Management
  • Users: Financial Analysts, Clients
  • Technology: SQL Server + ASP.NET + SSRS
"PCA’s expertise allowed us to develop a highly effective product that not only increased our effectiveness and efficiency as a firm, but, more importantly, address significant client needs."

"Throughout the development and testing process, PCA worked as an extension to our firm’s staff, which enabled us to develop a product that far exceeded our expectations

Neil Mowery
Partner, Franklin Park LLC

" New Certification System Increases Compliance from 75% to 100% for 2,000 Employees Located in 33 Countries — Lowers Cost and Audit Risk "
  • Client: Management Sciences for Health
  • Industry: Nonprofit Health Services
  • Application: Employee Compliance Certification
  • Users: Management, Regional Managers, 2,000 Employees
  • Technology: Paper Documents, Excel to Smart Client
"PCA understood exactly what we were looking for.  Within two weeks after our initial meeting with the PCA team, we were evaluating a prototype of our new Compliance Certification System.  We measured PCA’s productivity in days, not weeks."

"Working with PCA was like night and day compared to other vendors we have used in the software or technology sector. In the past, it wasn’t uncommon to wait 4 to 6 months to see what PCA delivered in 3 to 4 weeks. Their Rapid Prototyping approach to application development worked phenomenally well, and helped us visualize our 'future state' quickly and cost-effectively."

Laura Nerney
Director, Contract Policy and International Contracting

" PCA Helps Financial Planning Software Vendor Scale Its Business — MS Access to Smart Client Migration Enables Growth At Lower Cost "
Strategic Reserves, Inc.
  • Client: Strategic Reserves Corp.
  • Industry:Software Vendor
  • Application: Facilities Maintenance Financial Planning
  • Users: Staff, Customers, Reserve Analyst Partners
  • Technology: MS Access / Excel to Smart Client
"Most available tools were inflexible and very expensive to license, configure and maintain. I evaluated three potential custom solution engineering firms and opted to go with PCA for several reasons — their robust Smart Client solution, experience working with smaller software vendors, and their licensing-free business model.."

"The Prototype Design process allowed me to verify the solution, budget and schedule up-front, eliminating the mystery over what I was getting and business risk. PCA delivered an initial prototype design in just three weeks, to deployment nine months later. We are thrilled with the service and the final results.."

Robert Petrisin
Founder and President

" PCA Delivers Portfolio Investment Analytics Solution to Nation’s Leading Private Manager of Fixed Income and Credit Instruments — Succeeded Where Others Failed, Under Very Tight Schedule Constraints "
Anonymous Private
Investment Firm
  • Client: Confidential
  • Industry:Investment Capital Management
  • Application: Investment Portfolio Performance Analytics
  • Users: Managing Directors, Investment Professionals
  • Technology: SQL Server, SQL Analysis Services, Smart Client
"PCA provided us with a top-notch team of business analysts and software engineers who demonstrated early on that they clearly understood our objectives, and had the business and technical acumen to execute. The coordination and communication between our two teams was seamless, enabling us to deliver in months what our original vendor failed to deliver in over a year."

"PCA's combination of exceptional SQL and UI skills, keen business thinking, and thorough understanding of the critical success factors helped us deliver on time, and on budget. They understood and they delivered."

Mr. Anon Omous

(617) 527- 4722 x122

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