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SQL Server Audits

Faster & Secure

Why Audit Your SQL?

  • Significant Performance Increases
  • Implement Modern Data Security

Faster Performance

Why Audit?

There are many way to set up SQL databases, and they are rarely set up according to best practices. Even if your database is set up perfectly initially, the technology is continually updating, allowing new ways to improve performance.

Hiring expert consultants to audit your database can result in significantly faster data apps & data visualization.

Why PCApps?

PCApps has specialized in SQL for 30 years. Our engineers are the best in the world at building and improving SQL systems. That is why we are partnered with so many Fortune 500 companies.


Stronger Security

Why Audit?

SQL is complicated. It’s easy to do a bad job. It’s hard to do it right. If SQL is not done perfectly, the security will be lackluster.

If you don’t want your data in the hands of hackers, it is a good idea to hire expert consultants who can make sure your security was built correctly, and has the latest security features implemented.

Why PCApps?

PCApps has 30 years of experience building and improving security systems. That is why we are trusted by the medical field and Fortune 500 companies to keep their data, and customer’s data, safe.

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