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Transform Your Technology Projects With Expert Software Remodeling Services

At PCApps, we pride ourselves on helping clients get their software development right. PCApps software and design experts have taken over many complex multi-dimensional software projects from businesses and helped remodel them to their needs.


Meet Your Project Goals With Software Remodeling Services

PCApps is a leading software design and development company in the US that specializes in taking over software projects and remodeling them to achieve client goals within time and budget. We create secure code and redesign monolithic software into scalable architectures to not only achieve the client’s current goals but also make the software future-ready.

Be it manpower issues, legacy code limitations, technology bottlenecks, or design issues – we can help you save your software.
Our skilled technologists and software architects will take over your project, remove the technical debt and remodel the software to your needs. Call us at 877-843-3405 or fill out our short online form to schedule a FREE consultation with us today.

Project Takeover Services

Software projects often develop complexities with time. This can happen for a variety of reasons. Lack of adequate manpower, bad design, legacy technology, and/or poor project management are some of the common causes of software project failures.

At PCApps, we specialize in handling such complex situations and provide a holistic solution that solves the customers’ business needs. Our complete package of project takeover services includes the following:

Revamping Legacy

Revamping Legacy Systems

Our expert developers analyze your legacy architecture and the workflows. We then sit with in-house software architects with decades of experience to find the most cost-effective and future-proof revamp plan for the legacy system.

Code Review

Code Review

Our senior coders also review the existing code in your project for performance issues and bottlenecks. The review notes are marked and prioritized for maximum value add.

Software Development

Software development
and project management

Some of the projects we take over struggle because of a lack of process and better management. We engage our software process experts and management gurus to help streamline the project processes and documentation.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

At PCApps, we have dedicated QA engineers who ensure that your remodeled software aligns with your business goals. We perform Integration tests, Functional tests, End-to-end tests, Performance tests, and smoke tests to ensure the overall health of your revamped system.


Infrastructure Migration

Many software remodeling requires an infrastructure upgrade as well. We have in-house infrastructure engineers who will design an appropriate cloud or on-prem infrastructure that serves the needs of the client and is scalable enough to address sudden demand spikes.

Training and Public Relations

Training and public relations

No, project remodeling is complete without adequate training. PCApps technology team includes high-quality technical documentation writers and trainers. At the end of the project, we train the local team to ensure a smooth transition to the new system. PCApps also offers public speakers to help you address conferences and public seminars on the project.

Why choose PCApps?

PCApps has been at the forefront of software development for many years now. We have helped hundreds of companies solve their technology problems. Our clients include companies of all sizes from early-stage startups to Fortune 500 companies behind brands like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Medtronic, American Red Cross, and many more. Our vast expertise across technologies, industries, and domains helps us understand and solve problems effectively. 

Let us fix your technology problem

If you are facing a problem in your software development project, it is a good idea to get a second opinion from us for FREE. Let us have a look at it and suggest improvements to your existing project. Let us help you achieve your goals faster.