Ms Visual Basic Consulting

PCApps provides custom Visual Basic Consulting and Engineering Services (especially using Visual Basic Databases), for a wide variety of markets and custom business application needs. We are recognized for our visual basic expertise, and out ability to understand clients’ unique and oftentimes complex VB Application Development issues, and effectively translate these needs into useful and practical visual basic applications. If your organization is in the early planning stages of a visual basic application development project, We can provide an expert assessment and in-depth evaluation of business requirements, plans, architectures, and designs of operational systems and environments. We will help you to identify and mitigate risks early in the development process and realize the benefits of your business application budget more quickly.

Migrating Visual Basic To The Internet

Our VB applications have the same intuitive user interfaces that you are accustomed to with Microsoft Office / Desktop applications, but run direct across the secure Internet. They are fast, reliable, and best of all, require virtually no installation, which is great in the office or on the road. We can help you efficiently design and create easy to use applications that reflect the unique way that you run your business. At the core of an information system is the database. Our expert database developers will build a strong, extensible data foundation that facilitates the Visual Basic business application needs, and support additional future needs without re-design.

If you need an interface form mapped onto your existing database, to allow easier data entry, we can create a custom VB application that will serve as a front end to your Ms Access or SQL Server database. We can also serve as an independent, expert third-party to support your critical application development business decisions, and make certain that you are fully aware of all the alternatives and downstream implications when it comes to VB software development.  

Visual Basic Application Project Takeovers

Many clients come to us from companies that no longer have access to the original visual basic developer who created the VB application. We are very experienced with “picking up where someone else left off,” and can fix or enhance an existing visual basic application, regardless of the current state of the application or support resources available. If you find that your existing visual basic application needs improvement in speed, the way the application looks, or its operational behavior, we can improve your visual basic application. If your visual basic application needs to provide you better analytical tools, we can add graphs and / or reports.