White Papers

Smart Clients and Web Services, and describes the MS Tools used to develop Smart Client Applications.

Smart Client in Business: Expanding the Edges of the Enterprise Network

How to migrate MS Access to MS SQL Server and Oracle Client / Server database platforms. Specific MS Access migration procedures, practical tips, techniques and examples, for both the SQL Server and Oracle platforms. Written for the experienced MS Access developer.

MS Access to SQL Server Migration Guidelines & Procedures

How traditional Client-Server and the Internet converge to form Smart Client. “Software Economics” (up-front vs TCO). The 5 capabilities that make a Smart Client “Smart.” Compares and contrasts Smart Client capabilities vs. Browser-based applications.

The Smart Client application: Client-Server and the Internet Converge

Jupiter Research survey of 702 IT executives: capability and cost details why IT decision makers are migrating Browser applications back to Smart Clients, due to usability issues hampering end-user productivity, and high bandwidth consumption and server load costs.

Smart Client Applications: The Best of Both Worlds – The Desktop and the Web