PCApps Tableau Training Manual For Tableau 7.0

PCApps Tableau Software Training Manual for Version 7.0 of Tableau (Copyright 2012 Larry Keller)

Practical Computer Applications (PCApps) offers for sale the Tableau Training Manual that used as the guide for our Tableau Software Training. It is a comprehensive, 200+ page training aid which enables any user at any level.  This training manual provides a step by step narrative process and more than 200 images to facilitate learning Tableau from the basics to expert levels. This guide is must-have training tool that maximizes the ongoing impact of PCApps Tableau Training experience by providing a source for answers and details for creating  new visual displays.  

In addition we provide a Tableau Packaged Workbook for each section of the Tableau Training Manual to make everything clear and easy to learn, understand, and remember.

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PCApps Tableau Training Manual for Tableau 7.0

Table of Contents

Section 1 – Connecting to Data – Introduction

Opening Tableau
1)      Connect to an Excel data source
2)      Web Sources
3)      MS Access
4)      Creating Joins
5)      Data Extracts
6)      MS SQL
7)      Replace References
8)      Exporting a Tableau Data Source
9)      Bookmark
Test Questions

Section 2 – Basic Training
1)      Excel
2)      Data Roles – Dimensions and Measures
3)      Data Window and Right-click Options
4)      Excel Visual With Modified Defaults
5)      Tabular View
6)      Show Me<
7)      Formatting Text Visuals
8)      Geo-Coding  
9)      Geo-Coding Filled Maps
10)     Scatter Charts
11)      Time Series – Trend Lines
12)      Visual Filtering
13)      Sorting
14)      Filtering
15)      Map Filters<
16)      Percentages and Totals
17)      First Dashboard
Test Questions

Section 3 – Intermediate
1)      Data Roles and Options
2)      Changing Data Roles
3)      Maps
4)      Dates and Times
5)      Dates with Calculations –Gantt Chart
6)      Grouping
7)      Bins and Histograms
8)      Sets within Scatter Charts
9)      Concatenated Sets
10)    Sorting with Sets
11)     Quick Table Calculations
12)    Secondary Table Calculations
13)    Create Calculated Fields
14)    Histogram with Running Totals
15)    Trend Lines
16)    Reference Lines
17)    Performance
Test Questions

Section 4 – Advanced Features
1)      Combination Charts
2)      Trends and Motions
3)      Data Blending
4)      Parameters
5)      Shipping Parameters
6)      Area Charts
Test Questions

Section 5 – Masters
1)      Heat Maps
2)      Box Plots<
3)      Pareto Or the 20  – 80 Rule
4)      Bullet Chart
5)      Bar In A Bar
6)      Standard Deviations
7)      Reference Lines with Banding
8)      Groups and Sets
9)      Dashboard

Test Questions

Section 6 – Dashboards and Guided Analytics
(A complete lesson on building out a dashboard with Actions and Filters from scratch)


Section 7 – Calculations, Dates, KPIs, IF Statements
1)      Conditional Filters
2)      Calculated Fields<
3)      Logical Statements – KPI Bars
4)      Date Function
5)      DATEDIFF<
6)      Truncated Date Functions
7)      Color Conditioned Tables

Section 8 – Collaboration
1)      PDF
2)      PowerPoint
3)      Export Images
4)      Tableau Reader and Outlook


 About the Author Larry Keller

-End Table of Contents-

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