Tableau Training Courses

Practical Computer Applications (PCApps) is proud to offer effective Tableau software training courses to get the most out of your database and software investments.

Expert Tableau Training with Your Data – Your Staff – Your Site – Your Schedule – Your Goals

We offer on-site Tableau training courses to teach both basic and advanced techniques in Tableau to facilitate effective data visualization of YOUR data. Our expert instructor, Larry Keller provides standard and custom Tableau training courses for your business. We provide student-centered instruction utilizing your data to build effective data visualizations immediately and teach the skills to plan and build visualizations to meet your goals in the future.

Who Is The Tableau Training Class Designed For?

  • The on-site Tableau Training is intended for new users who have been using Tableau for 1 to 6 months.  The interactive 3 day training sessions follow the material in the PCApps Tableau Training Manual. We cover advanced material with the specific objective of enabling attendees to be rapidly productive building visualizations with their data.
  • The training takes place at our customer’s site – there are no public sessions since we use client data when possible. Attendees are business users who are Business Analysts, Sales Operations, Managers, and general Data Jockeys.  Excel Power Users are perfect!
  • Tableau Server is demonstrated but the primary focus is building Tableau visualizations using Tableau Desktop.

How Is The Training Is Conducted?

  • Training is delivered in classes with no more than 15 students
  • There is no use of PowerPoint!  (We teach from examples in our training manual using Tableau in “live” instruction)
  • There are tests to help reinforce lessons learned
  • We use positive reinforcment to guide students to better understanding of Tableau

What Will They Learn / What Does The Course Cover?

  • A web based survey is conducted before the instructor arrives to assess student skills.  Examples:
        – What visual standards is he / she familiar with?
        – What databases does the student use?
  • Post Training reinforcement – clients receive two, one hour web sessions after the on-site training to answer questions and to reinforce any open issues.
  • Overall, the course takes the student from connecting to data to creating all 22 Tableau visualization options and building complex dashboards with calculations

On-Site Tableau Training Courses

The standard on-site Tableau training courses focus on either basic or advanced training need and include:

3 x 8 hour on-site Tableau Training Sessions

Tableau Packaged Workbook Examples

One Tableau Training Manual per student

Two hours of post engagement report support services

Key Features Of Tableau Training

This training includes key Tableau features such as:

  • Advanced Data Connections – to any database or repository including Excel
  • Enhanced BI Visualizations – Each visualization option is covered plus custom visuals
  • Filtering & Sorting – All options
  • Calculations – “Quick Calculations”, custom calculated fields, logical statements and case statements
  • Mapping – US & International
  • Best-Practice Tableau Dashboards

Benefits Of PCApps Tableau Training

  • Focused on your user-company’s needs
  • Uses company data as part of training to insure learning with real world challenges, increase the benefit immediately and address issues such as data  problems so that work continues after the Tableau training is over.
  • Eliminates employee travel expense and reduces the impact on employee schedules
  • Comprehensive Tableau Training Manual to reinforce and support training.

Your Instructor – Larry Keller

Your expert Tableau instructor, Larry Keller, has been working in Data Visualization since it started in 2000. He worked at Tableau for several years and produced the Tableau Training Manual. His years of experience in all aspects of successful Data Visualization and Business Intelligence applications using Tableau provide the skills needed to be an excellent trainer.  See what his clients have to say…

I attribute much of the success of establishing and expansion of the city of Charlotte’s visual analytics capability to the continuing close support that we got from our regional representative, Larry Keller. In a consultant-like process, he was with us at every step. From the initial license deployment and training, through our expansion of Tableau use by six of our fourteen operating divisions and launching the newly operational Tableau Server into production, he provided us continuous personal support. Larry ..” April 21, 2009  Jim Raper, city of Charlotte, Business Information Systems Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Larry was a godsend to my agency as he taught us how to corral massive amounts disparate data into something manageable and more importantly, meaningful to our department. Larry’s keen grasp of the types of problems that confront government agencies today coupled with his in-depth understanding of data visualization methods, applications and techniques, allowed us (for the first time) to see what our data truly represented. Larry is a very patient listener who is able to work with a range of skill sets from new users to the most experienced technicians. Above all, Larry is committed to the customer’s overall success and going the extra mile to him is simply standard operating procedure.” -Rene Snowden
CIO, DC Department of Housing & Community Development” April 20, 2009 Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

My interaction with Mr. Keller during my tenure at Fannie Mae convinced me that Larry is a very focused and disciplined individual who delivers on all that he promises. He is personable and intent on providing a wholesome customer experience. I recommend and support Larry in his current and future endeavors.” April 20, 2009 Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity – Adolph Barclift, Fannie Mae