Microsoft Web Client Applications / Smart Client Applications

Microsoft Smart Client Applications combine the ease of use of MS Office Desktop Applications, performance of Client-Server applications, and reach of the internet. The result: unparalleled ease-of-use and performance within a secure, multi-user SQL database environment. Compared to browser-based, business-to-business applications.

Smart Client applications look and perform just like Microsoft Office / Desktop applications. However, when deployed they can be automatically maintained, and will enable real-time SQL Server Database sharing directly over a secure Internet. A true merger of the desktop and the internet, Smart Client applications are ideally suited for business-to-business application needs, and are viewed by many as the next major wave in computing platforms.

Smart Client Application Advantages

By merging the usability, performance and integration of desktop applications with a centrally-managed, secure, and easy to maintain system, Smart Client applications support IT needs for centralized control and security and end users’ needs for power and flexibility.

Smart Client capabilities appeal to the needs of both IT Administrators and end users. The applications are built on the standard Microsoft Business platform, and cost far less to develop and maintain than Browser-based applications (see a comparison), so the Smart Client approach makes good economic sense as well.

We have reduced the Smart Client Platform to an extensive library of re-usable software templates, modules and controls that are designed to drive high quality, low-cost business solutions. Our expert engineers can quickly figure out how to map your operational needs into a database-model with an easy-to-use Interface, and bring the best ideas to our clients. Learn more about the advantages of Real-Time, On-Demand Solutions vs Browser.