Service Roadmap – Draft

PCApps Service Roadmap focuses on demonstrating value to clients, both regularly and early. We work closely with clients to ensure the work is done according to business needs.

We enter into contracts for small sections of the project at a time, to keep close to time estimates and remain flexible in the face of evolving client design requirements.

Free Consultation

Our first step is to have you meet with a senior engineer to discuss the project. The purpose of this meeting is to determine the general scope of the project, and make sure PCApps is a good fit.

Detailed Evaluation

After the consultation, PCApps will draw up a proposal for an evaluation. During the low-commitment evaluation phase, PCApps will go over any relevant material, such as various documents, existing code, databases, or outdated data visualization tools.

This information will be used to inform a detailed project proposal and a timeline estimate.

Rapid Prototyping

The exact nature of the prototype phase varies from project to project, due to the wide variety of projects that PCApps takes on. The important part is that PCApps will work to get a concrete, useful portion of the project into the hands of the client, as soon as possible.

This demonstrates value to the client, and helps refine timeline estimates.

Regular Client Meetings

While working on the project, PCApps will regularly meet with clients to ensure the project matches evolving business needs by incorporating client feedback at every step of the project.

Maintenance & Support

PCApps always strives to ensure clients are as independent as possible, putting data and code directly under their control. However, we build early warning systems into our products whenever possible, and are always available to ensure your project is running properly.

With 30 years experience in the industry, you can rest easy that we’ll be available for convenient Maintenance & Support for the decades to come.