Maintenance And Support

Clients frequently rely on our team to solve problems or provide enhancements to an application. It is far more cost-effective for PCApps and hence our clients) to dedicate the necessary level of engineering resources over a period of time vs. dealing with individual application maintenance and support issues as they arise.

Once your project is complete, we will have a pretty good understanding of your support needs, and we will work with you to determine an appropriate monthly maintenance and support fee. PCApps provides support tools and a process that we use to capture and track client support requests and status, and track associated engineering efforts, so we can always reconcile actual vs. plan usage. We will send you an annual Maintenance and Support agreement following completion of your project.

PCApps requires a minimum one-year maintenance and support services agreement, to address a variety of issues that result from actual production use. Annual maintenance and support fees can range from 15% to 25% of the total project fee. They are paid monthly. Factors that impact the maintenance and support fee include: the volume and complexity of changes and refinements that we expect, your available resources and expertise (ability to support yourself), and level of services such as response times, 24/7 coverage, etc.

Enhancements to your application discovered through actual production use are commonplace. New functions and refinements to existing capabilities might be needed, and opportunities might arise to further streamline your business process. At the client’s request, we will provide estimates to modify and/or extend the application capabilities.