Migration And Deployment Phase

Once the new application is ready for production use, the last step in our process is to import your legacy business data into the new application.

Steps during this phase can also include training your admin personnel how to manage user accounts and security settings and installing and configuring the application server.

If your application is hosted on Amazon AWS (included with PCApps Maintenance and Support services), we may also need to register and set-up a domain name and test the new server configuration for security, performance and other items.

At this juncture in the project, your key personnel are already ‘experts’ on the new application, so end user training by PCApps is rarely if ever necessary.

It is important not to underestimate the potential issues that can surface with migrating legacy business data to SQL Server. Many legacy systems do not adequately enforce data integrity, so missing records, partial records, invalid formats and duplicate records are common. A combination of automated and manual efforts may be required to clean up your existing business data.