Ms Excel Consulting

Practical Computer Applications (PCApps) provides Excel consultants and programmers to support development of your business applications. As an Excel user, you know that Excel spreadsheets provide infinite flexibility. It has many sophisticated features for data analysis, including conditional scenarios, look-up functions, pivot tables and advanced modeling. Many annual budgets, sales forecasting systems, inventory tools and more begin as an Excel spreadsheet.

The problem comes when an Excel spreadsheet becomes too complex. As it gets used by more people, gets copied, altered, and emailed around, the spreadsheet grows in features and becomes more complicated.

Thus, once a spreadsheet expands to multiple users, the cost of using Microsoft Excel is bad data and the effort of managing a distributed application that is intended for just one or a few users.

When you have outgrown your Excel spreadsheet, it is time to think about migrating your application to a more robust database, such as Microsoft Access or Microsoft SQL Server.

We have over 20 years of experience with converting spreadsheets and can recommend the best course of action. Call us today at (877) 843-3405.