Converting Visual Basic (VB) To C# Or To VB.NET — Smart Client Applications

Applications written in VB6 are native to the windows platform, but are not or suitable for internet deployment. Many businesses look to our consulting services to help them convert legacy applications in VB to C# or to VB to VB.NET because Microsoft .NET provides a more powerful, maintainable and efficient solution for business-critical applications than does VB6. In addition, converting lowers maintenance costs due to substantial developer productivity improvements that Visual Basic .NET and Visual Studio .NET environment provide. Converting to C#.NET or VB.NET also will gain significant improvements in application performance.

Using a remote access layer like Terminal Services, GoToMyPC, or Citrix is a common work-around to Internet-enabling legacy VB applications. Depending upon the number of end users and the complexity of the application, you may quickly discover the expenses associated with this work-around grow over time, and are measured in various forms: additional licensing fees, slow application performance, and limited concurrent user access.

C#.NET Or VB.NET Smart Client Capabilities

The Microsoft .NET Smart Client Platform combines the best capabilities of desktop applications with the power and reach of the internet — and offers a number of distinct advantages versus traditional VB applications or browser-based applications.

The process of migrating a VB application to .NET can vary considerably, depending upon the quality and completeness of the source VB application. For a poorly-coded VB applications, or a VB application with lots of deprecated to ‘dead code,’ it is usually much more cost-efficient to build the replacement .NET application from scratch. Our experienced engineering staff can determine to best approach to get the most out of the VB application investment and .NET migration project budget.