Remotely Manage Information Without Limits With .NET Smart Servers.

If you’re confined by the limitations of Microsoft Access, PCApps has efficiently and effectively helped hundreds of businesses switch to .NET. Whether you’re looking to scale beyond access’s limitations or simply allow your team to work remotely without slowdowns, our robust .NET Servers will help you and your team work at your full potential.

Microsoft Access Vs. .NET Smart Client Servers:

The following chart shows a comparison between Ms Access and .NET Servers:

Seamless Microsoft Access To .NET Secure Client Integration:

Converting Access to a Microsoft .NET Server provides a more flexible and reliable solution for information management which has many key benefits, including:

  • The ability for all employees to use Ms Access remotely without lag or reliability issues
  • Stable and streamlined performance and functionality
  • Enhanced role-based security
  • The flexibility to add an unlimited number of end-users
  • The control and confidence of having a solution that’ll grow with you and your needs.