Client-Server Application Scorecard

Client-Server applications designed from source MS Access databases are typically written in one of the Microsoft .Net languages (C#, Visual Basic .Net), and designed to connect to a SQL Server or Oracle Database server. With a Client-Server migration approach, your source MS Access application serves as a functional prototype for your new application — no components of the MS Access application are required following project completion. 

The result is high application performance, tight security and a robust user experience. Application deployment can be automated and may be restricted to Windows PCs. As a true Client-Server application, with a relatively small local PC memory requirement, the Client-Server approach enjoys standard windows deployment and security coupled with high-end database server performance and robust security.

Client-Server Scorecard

Client-Server Architecture

The Client-Server architecture is recommended for any application where security, reliability and performance are of primary concerns. The applications require a full-time reliable connection to the database through a local or wide area connection or a secure Internet connection.