Microsoft SQL Server Developer

PCApps has extensive experience designing and developing custom SQL Server databases to drive MS Access, ASP.NET webpages, .NET Smart Client applications and Visual Basic business applications. If your organization is in the planning or development stages of a project, we can provide experienced Microsoft SQL Developer services to meet your SQL Development requirements. Our SQL Server Consultants combine in-depth knowledge of business and industry needs with a detailed understanding of SQL Server data modeling and business rules — to architect, design, develop, implement, deploy and support cost-effective business-to-business application solutions.

Microsoft .NET And SQL Developer Advantages

Our designs and develops high quality .NET Smart Client applications that connect to any SQL Server database, that allow business users on the road, at home, and remote office locations to access to accurate and up-to-date business information on demand. We develop distributed database applications on the Microsoft SQL Server 2010 and Microsoft SQL Server 2012 platforms — solutions that work the same at the office, at home or on the road.

Smart Client .NET applications look and perform just like Microsoft Office applications — but they run over the Internet, and enable real-time, secure SQL Server database sharing. Smart Client .NET database applications are ideally suited for business-to-business data management needs.

.NET Application Prototypes are the centerpiece to our standard design-build process. .NET Prototypes provide us and our clients with a simple, visual means to communicate business and application requirements. The outcome of the prototype design phase is confidence that we are on the right track, a properly scoped project with reliable estimates, and a client-approved design and source-code to drive SQL Server Development.

Microsoft SQL Developer — Database Assessment And Review Services

Our Microsoft SQL Developers can provide assessment and review services that provide in-depth assessment of business requirements, plans, architectures, and designs of operational systems and environments. This early-stage planning service allows you to identify and mitigate risks, and realize the benefits of SQL Server more quickly.

Microsoft SQL Developer — Planning, Architecture, And Design Services

Do you need help building a solution from the ground up? Our Microsoft SQL Developers will help you develop Microsoft SQL Server business solutions and a solid technical SQL Server architecture to support mission-critical applications.

Microsoft SQL Developer — Proof-Of-Concept / Prototyping Services

Once we have completed the planning and design stage of a SQL Server solution, our Microsoft SQL Developers can provide you with a Prototype application that shows the SQL database structures and application User Interface, to test and refine the viability of the application. This service allows you to validate the application and mitigate any potential technical risks prior to committing to the development or deployment of your SQL Server solution. Our Rapid Application Prototype process is a proven way to communicate with our clients in a simple, cost effective way that is overlooked by many Microsoft SQL Developers.

Microsoft SQL Developer — Custom SQL Server Solution Services

We can manage the complete Microsoft SQL application development lifecycle to provide the overall solution to your business needs. Our Microsoft SQL Developers and SQL Server Consultants have the real world experience necessary to build the right solution for your company. Because we also build distributed Microsoft SQL Server database systems, we can also solve your distributed database needs as well.

Microsoft SQL Server 2016 (And 2008/2012/2014) Optimization And Performance Tuning

If you already have a Microsoft SQL Server database solution up and running, but it is experiencing significant data reliability or SQL Server performance problems, our Microsoft SQL Developers can help you identify and remedy the root cause of the problems, and provide proven techniques that meet your business needs and budget requirements. We have many methods and techniques for optimizing the data reliability and performance of Microsoft SQL Server. Our Microsoft SQL Server engineering staff works with all versions of Microsoft SQL Server.