Robust Business Intelligence Solutions

Whether you’re stuck when it comes to measuring your metrics or simply looking for a more scalable business intelligence solution, PCA offers a full suite of data solutions to meet your needs. Whether you’re looking for custom business dashboards, prototyping software, or analytical tools, we have everything you need to track the KPIs that contribute most to your ongoing success.

Designed With You In Mind:

We believe that your business’s metrics should be meaningful to you and your growth. That’s why we take the time to understand your needs and design a custom business intelligence solution that serves your unique needs. 

We Do This In Many Ways, Including:

  • Defining your KPIs and ultimate aims to ensure a more robust & effective data solution
  • Creating custom dashboards for CEOs, CFOs, Sales, Reporting, Finances, & more
  • Designing based on which platform will best suit your team and your business’s needs (Excel, SmartClient Framework, Tableau, etc.)

Optimized For Stability & Ease Of Use:

A robust business intelligence solution is meaningless if it leaves you and your team as confused as you were before you implemented it.  That’s why instead of relying on complicated spreadsheets that make sorting through data a nightmare, we use intuitive charts and filters so your analysts can extract the key insights they’re looking for more efficiently than ever before. On top of this, we design our data analytics solutions to work with the technology you already use daily. This keeps everything running smoothly so you can focus on leading your team with more confidence.  

Flexible Enough To Grow With You:

It’s not just enough to build a solution that serves you today if it can’t grow with you tomorrow. This is why our expert business intelligence consultants stay on the cutting edge of the most powerful data analytics tools available. In short, you can use our powerful business intelligence resources to: 

  • Make more informed long-term decisions
  • Foresee potential roadblocks and issues in advance
  • Identify opportunities in your sales & marketing strategy 
  • Motivate & inspire your team by helping them see how their contributions pay off
  • Lead with more clarity & confidence