Bundling Data Visualization Software

Would you like to embed Business Intelligence (BI) or embed Data Visualization (DV) software into your company’s product offering? Are you trying to compare Data Visualization products to determine which Data Visualization OEM Partner is best for your situation?

The choice of a suitable OEM analytics software vendor to partner with can be a tough decision. Many factors influence which data visualization product fits within your requirements. We are a consulting firm with knowledge of, and relationships with, many of the analytics and data visualization OEM vendors, we can independently provide the guidance your firm needs to choose a data visualization product to bundle with your product. We fully disclose all Data Visualization vendor relationships ahead of time so that you may understand where our bias may be.  It is our job to help you, as our client, pick the best  Data Visualization vendor with which to build an OEM relationship for your company.

Factors that influence the choice of which Business Intelligence products will work best bundled with your product include:

  • How well-aligned is the Analytics/Data Visualization/BI product with your product offering?
  • Does the Data Visualization product fit your requirements?
  • Is the DV/Analytics product both simple enough that your customers are comfortable with it, yet flexible enough to support all the needs you may have?
  • Is the Data Visualization/BI product scalable to your customer base and data size?
  • Is the time-to-market (TTM) reasonable?
  • Will the data visualization software integrate well with your existing product?
  • Are the deal-terms reasonable for both your company and the OEM vendor?
  • Is the right level of support and serviceability available for your needs?
  • Is the price reasonable and does it fit both your short-term and long-term budget?
  • Are the terms right for you?
  • Does the DV vendor’s mobile strategy fit your mobile strategy?
  • Does the DV vendor’s product roadmap fit your needs such that it is future-proof?
  • Do the options for White-Labeling the DV Product fit your needs?
  • How will the vendor work with you on version upgrades?

We can help guide you through these issues to help you make the best decision selecting the vendor and the program to bundle with your product.  We provide a thorough OEM Partner Comparison including the many technical and business issues associated with each data visualization product based on criteria important to your business to ensure the long term success of your product.  Call us at 877-843-3405, and see what we can offer you!