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Consulting and Development of your SQL Server

Establish a strong SQL Server database foundation for maintaining enterprise-scale quality, security, and performance.

Over 25 Years of SQL Server Database Development & Consulting Knowledge

PCApps consulting and development SQL database knowledge and experience date back to the Clipper, FoxPro and dBase days — when many of the capabilities and techniques our SQL database developers use today to address our clients’ business needs were simply unavailable or impractical. Our database developer team’s extensive experience with database design and SQL Programming implementation informs every recommendation we make to clients, and enables us to provide our clients with solid, cost-effective solutions with tangible results.

SQL Server Design and Development Services

We offer a number of specialized SQL Server development services that span database design, development, optimization, troubleshooting, audits, and ongoing maintenance and support. Our SQL developers will listen to your business needs and concerns, evaluate your existing SQL Server database(s), and recommend SQL programming services and an approach that is appropriate to your priorities.

PCApps provides custom SQL Server analysis, design, and development services for SQL Server. Today’s distributed business demands a different kind of SQL Database solution. Performance, scalability, and reliability are essential. Cost and time-to-market are always critical. Our experts SQL Server development services can help you establish a strong SQL Server database foundation for maintaining enterprise-scale quality, security, and performance. Properly developed, Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and SQL Server 2012 provide robust data modeling, data management, and business analysis capabilities that allow your organization to support efficient operations and adapt quickly to evolving business needs.

SQL Server Performance Audit and Monitoring — Tuning The SQL Schema, Queries, and Indexes for Optimal Performance

In our experience, the single, largest factor to SQL Server performance, reliability, data integrity, security, and the ability to generate the types of reports and data analytics that are necessary to drive business decisions, is the underlying SQL Server database design. Our SQL Server developers will help you identify deficiencies with your SQL database design and implementation that impact important areas of your business — and the effort required to maintain and develop your SQL database cost-effectively over time. Our SQL developers have in-depth knowledge and experience with a wide variety of transactional and reporting SQL designs, and can provide you with a detailed understanding of SQL design and development issues that most often impede business needs.

If you already have a Microsoft SQL Server database solution up and running, but are experiencing poor reliability or performance, or higher costs required to maintain and extend the system, our SQL Server developers can help you discover the root causes of these issues, and provide solutions sets that meet your immediate and longer-term business needs. We can help you avoid spending money on efforts that provide marginal returns, and focus your investments on core design and development methods that establish a strong and extensible SQL Server foundation. Learn more about our standard SQL Server Engineering Audit service.

SQL Server Proof-of-Concept Application Prototyping Service

Absent a well-designed application interface that is optimized for efficient data management functions, having a perfectly designed SQL Server database does not offer much value to your business. PCApps provides prototype application design and development services with SQL Server data structures that allow you to test and validate the SQL Server solution — to mitigate technical risks, accelerate the formation of a project team, and determine the most cost-effective approach to building out the system in a manner that is well-aligned with your business needs and priorities — all before the development of the business database begins.

Our prototypes are fast and inexpensive; they reflect the high quality of our SQL Developer’s design and SQL programming techniques, and they provide the confidence that the project is on the right track, properly scoped, and within reliable budget and schedule estimates. Application prototypes provide a source code to drive the development phase. Learn more about our SQL Server Prototype Application Design Service.

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