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We Make Desktop Applications

Desktop Apps are primarily used to run most businesses’ critical day-to-day operations.

How we can improve your business

Reporting and data management needs are unique to each business and to existing internal systems.
Business professionals can manage their own data without IT support
There are a number of powerful desktop apps that can support complex data management and reporting needs for business professionals.

Speed & Large Data Sets

Most desktop applications start as simple forms that can be used for several different purposes. At some point, the application takes on a life of its own as the organization adds new features to meet additional needs, the number of users increases, and the data grows.

Whether you build apps for the Web, Windows, Mobile or more, .NET is key to your success, so it’s crucial to get it right. But when it comes to getting the most from your .NET servers, most people don’t know where to start.

If you experience the following problems, you need .NET consulting.

  • Have costly projects that are failing
  • Are running painfully sluggish servers
  • Get complaints about your server from your team
  • Are at your wit’s end trying to effectively manage data

.NET Application Development

Our principal designers and UI/UX experts are part of every development process to ensure that the .NET solutions are easy-to-use and have a high adoption rate from the user. Our developers have designed a range of .NET solutions, from custom mission-critical applications for large enterprises to scalable, minimalistic modules for small businesses to cater to their immediate needs.

We follow agile and lean development methodologies to keep the costs low and be able to adapt to changing requirements quickly. Our solutions are even deployed on wearable devices and IoT-enable sensors. We focus on making sure that the solutions are flexible and scalable.

How Can PCApps Help You?

Over time, users request more features, forms, and reports, resulting in an exponential increase in complexity, data overload, instability, and reported issues such as poor performance, corrupt data, version control, and unreliable reports.

PCApps develops custom desktop apps to tackle such issues and make sure they run smoothly. Our professionals toke a deep analysis of your business and came up with the best possible solutions with easy front ends.

Free Consultation

Meet with a senior engineer to discuss the project.

Detailed Evaluation

PCApps will go over any relevant material, which will be used to inform a detailed project proposal and a timeline estimate.

Rapid Prototyping

PCApps will work to get a concrete, useful portion of the project into the hands of the client, as soon as possible.

Regular Client Meetings

While working on the project, PCApps will regularly meet with clients to ensure the project matches evolving business needs by incorporating client feedback.

Maintenance and Support

PCApps ensures client independence by placing data and code under their control, integrates early warning systems, and remains available to support project performance.