Outpace the Competition: How PCApps Harnessed EOS to Improve its Business Organization

The Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) is a business management framework designed to improve accountability in organizations. The EOS framework is a set of tools and processes PCApps uses to run our business more effectively, efficiently, and with greater accountability.

  1. Clarifying Roles and Responsibilities

EOS improves accountability by clarifying roles and responsibilities within an organization. Because of EOS every employee now has a clear understanding of their role and the tasks for which they are responsible. We know what is expected of us and each of us is accountable for our performance.

The EOS framework includes tools such as the Accountability Chart, which we have successfully used to define PCApps’s structure and roles. The Accountability Chart lists each key function of the business and who is responsible. This chart gives a clear overview of our company-wide team. Each team member has a clear understanding of who they report to, who reports to them, and what they are and are not responsible for!

  1. Setting Measurable Goals

EOS helps us improve accountability by setting measurable goals for the organization. These goals are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound (SMART). Through setting and sharing SMART goals, everyone at PCApps is facing the same direction and working together. We measure our progress towards achieving our goals every week.

The EOS framework includes a tool called the Vision/Traction Organizer (V/TO), which helps us set longer-term vision, annual goals, and quarterly priorities. This tool ensures that everyone in our organization is aligned with the same goals and priorities.

  1. Conducting Regular Check-Ins

Another way we are continuously improving our accountability using EOS is by conducting regular check-ins. These check-ins are designed to track progress towards our goals and offer assistance to keep everyone on track. The EOS framework recommends conducting weekly, quarterly, and annual meetings to review progress and adjust priorities as needed.

Our leadership team meets with an EOS Implementer, Kathryn Hennessey (“Kat”)  quarterly to help keep us in check. She guides us as we apply the EOS framework to our business in rigorous and highly focused sessions.  Kat is part of Outpace Enterprises, an implementation service of  EOS Worldwide.

During regular all-hands meetings, we discuss challenges we are facing and receive support and input from other PCApps team members.

  1. Implementing a Scorecard

We are creating a scorecard to measure our performance in key business areas. Our EOS scorecard continues to evolve and improve over time. Our scorecard focuses on exposing leading indicators of the most important metrics for our company. By tracking these metrics, everyone in at PCApps can see how their work contributes to the overall success of our business.

Our leadership team reviews our scorecards during our weekly team meetings, and all issues or challenges are discussed and addressed. We are held accountable for our performance meeting our goals.

  1. Encouraging Open Communication

PCApps believes that our accountability improves by encouraging open communication within the company.  EOS methods encourage all stakeholders (employees, clients, vendors) to speak up and voice their thoughts and ideas with fearless feedback to create a culture of transparency where everyone is responsible for contributing to the success of the business and success of our clients.

The EOS framework includes a tool called the Level 10 Meeting, which uses a highly structured agenda to facilitate open communication and problem-solving. During this meeting, employees are encouraged to share current issues and challenges they are facing. By addressing these issues, everyone in the organization works together to overcome them.

In conclusion, EOS has helped PCApps improve accountability by clarifying roles and responsibilities, setting measurable goals, conducting regular check-ins, implementing a scorecard, and encouraging open communication. By following the EOS framework, we improve our performance and achieve our goals, which ultimately helps our clients succeed with us.

For more information about EOS, see: EOS Worldwide
For more information about our implementer, see: Kathryn Hennessey  of Outpace Enterprises

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