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Do you have the following problems with your .NET/SQL Systems

  • Behind schedule and over budget
  • Continue struggle with ongoing system reliability and peformance issues
  • Need independent expert opinion on the system
  • Need to certify your system to meet specific industry and/or regulatory compliance standard
  • Increased maintenance and support costs

PCApps can help and how.

With our many years of experience and advance database analytic tools, we use a standard engineering audit check-list to identify root-causes behind poor system performance, reliability, data integrity, security, and maintenance cost issues.

Our Engineering Audit team will document the findings, and make specific remedial engineering recommendations to improve the quality and maintainability of your Microsoft.NET/ SQL Server system.

pca can help and how

Schedule for an Audit

Implementation Efficiency

The root-cause behind poor system performance (and other issues such as record locking, poor data integrity, high maintenance costs, etc.) can almost always be traced back to poor system design and/or code implementation deficiencies.
Contact us for a free initial assessment and consultation on .NET/SQL system find out the suitable approach to address your needs.