Initial Consultation and Technical Evaluation

PCA initiates every new Client engagement with a complementary business consultation and technical evaluation.  Our goal is to determine two things: (1) Can we help you?   And (2) Is our initial fee and schedule estimate is compatible with your budget and timing?    Our objective is to establish confidence on both sides that the Project is feasible from technical, business and financial perspectives, and to build a good working rapport with you as a prospective PCA Client.



Technical Engineering


Findings &

CheckMark Business Objectives CheckMark Quality and completeness CheckMark Available options
CheckMark Operational needs and priorities CheckMark Functional gap analysis CheckMark Issues and concerns
CheckMark Unknowns CheckMark Phased approach
CheckMark Cost and schedule estimates
In most cases, we will ask you for a copy of your existing business application(s) and any other material that is relevant to our evalution e.g. high-level work flow diagrams, functional requirements, wish lists (functional deficiencies), sample files, etc.     Prior to our Technical Engineering Evaluation, we will also schedule a WebEx review session so you can walk us thru your application, and familiarize our team with the application and the your issues/concerns..
Once we have everything in hand, our Business Application Consultants will work with you one-on-one to develop a clear picture of each and every concern you are currently facing with your business application.   Whether you need to fix or "upsize" an existing application that you are having problems with, or you need to design and build a new custom database application from scratch — PCA experts will help you determine what options are available, and the best, most cost-effective approach to meeting your business and operational needs.